not the only thing that’s cracking.

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Slow decay

The suns UV rays are harsh on everything. Our skin. Our eyes. Our surfaces. As much as we need the sun in order to survive, we exist in a constant struggle of getting enough of it, but not too much. Just as our skin needs sunscreen and lotion in order to avoid becoming dry, burnt, and cracked, the asphalt under our feet is dying for some moisture. We can go inside and get some shade. It can’t. 

The sun is constantly beating down on it. Especially here in Arizona.  

 When pavement is exposed to the elements, it begins to oxidize, harden  and becomes brittle. As a result, the pavement won’t be able to bend and flex when exposed to traffic. Which leads to cracks, potholes, and the eventual decay of the surface.

It deteriorates under the sun, just like everything else.

Preserve your investment

Just as we apply sunscreen to our skin to prevent damage, and we apply lotion to heal damage, our asphalt needs the same level of care. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier over the surface of your asphalt, absorbing some of the suns harsh rays, while also filling in small cracks previously in place from years of wear and tear. Though it cannot mitigate all damage, regular application of sealant can extend the life of your asphalt by up to 20 years. 

When you sealcoat you asphalt surface, you are preserving your investment, saving money, and your property will look well manicured as a result.

The standard recommendation is to reseal your asphalt every 3 years for maximum results. Our product preserves against: 











Remember when your pavement was beautiful?

With a little care, you can take it from:


to this

Or better yet, keep it beautiful.

Did you know?

Regular sealcoating of your pavement, can DOUBLE its lifespan?

That means, it’s less expensive now, and less expensive in the future, because you are paying for maintenance, rather than for costly repairs.The average seal coat job costs less than 0.20/sqf, whereas a repaving job can cost upwards of $1.00/sqf. That means, you could get your pavement resealed 5 times for the price of single repaving! And, it would look great the whole time too, rather than looking awful for years, before finally being repaved.

  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • 8 years
  • 11 years
  • 14 years
  • 17 years
  • 20 years

With Regular Sealcoating

Without Sealcoating


How it works:


Call the owner.

You won’t be routed around to someone who doesn’t have the authority to make a decision. When you call us, you can be confident that the same person that you’re talking to, will be the one coming out to give you a quote, and the one ensuring that you’re delivered a high quality result.



A plan that fits your budget.

Since we are independently owned and operated, we are able to work with you to create a plan that fits your needs, and your budget. Our focus is to provide the finest quality product, and the most efficient service to our customer, so you can check this off your todo list, and get back to what you really enjoy.



Reopened within hours.

No one wants to sit in road construction. We understand that. That’s why our process is designed to be as minimal friction as possible. That’s why we only use products that can be in driven on in hours, instead of days and weeks. So we can get out of your way as fast as possible.

We also offer:


crack filling

speed bumps

parking bumpers

signage & labeling


Let’s protect your

asphalt, today!

Serving Phoenix for more than 20 years.

At A Plus Asphalt we know that you are have a lot to do, and that staying on top of everything can be a nightmare.

There are all kinds of urgent things making demands on your time. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have enough time for yourself, much less the constant demands being placed on you by others. You want to be able to go home on Friday, and not have to worry that something else is going to come up. And in order to do that, you need to feel like all of your pressing tasks are completed, and nothing’s slipping through the cracks. The problem is, there’s another problem, right under your feet. As you walk out to your car to wind down from the day and spend time with family and friends, – there it. Its heat radiates up to you, as if calling for a cool drink of water.

The pavement.

And it’s starting to crack. Actually, starting to is a generous statement. It started to crack years ago. Now it’s cracked. And getting worse each and every hot day that goes by. This can lead to expensive additional repairs, and an increased risk of insurance claims from pedestrian injuries.

We understand that times are tough, and that budgets are tight, and it always seems like there is something else that takes priority. Most people put off getting their pavement resurfaced until it’s far too late, because they’re worried it’s going to cost too much, and be a big hassle.

That’s why we make it easy to work with us, so that you can take a todo off your list, rather than adding ten more. So, give me a call, anytime. And in the meantime, download our Pavement Assessment Checklist if you’d like to take a look for yourself. Pave your way to success


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